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What is Dermal Needling
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Dermal Needling or Percutaneous Collagen Induction (PCI), is also known as Collagen Induction Therapy (CIT).  It involves pricking the skin multiple times by rolling a specially designed device with needles or a drum to induce regeneration via the wound healing cascade.

The ZGTS Roller is ideal for the client to use at home to compliment her in-salon Micro-Needling Pen.

What are the benefits?
Micro-needling prevents premature skin aging by triggering collagen and elastin growth.
This will lead to skin thickening and prevent breakdown of collagen that can result in skin aging. 
With regular use it reducing fine lines & wrinkles, and improving the look of
scars & stretch marks.

How to use a derma roller


Step 1:   Disinfect your roller.

Step 2:   Wash your face

Step 4:   Begin derma rolling in 3 directions on each area

Step 5:   Apply your favorite Serum

Step 6:   Clean your derma roller and store away safely

Remember to always wear your Sunscreen.

We recommend you discuss the routine with a skincare professional to avoid unnecessary complications.

Do not share your roller with anyone.

Home Needling complements in-salon Needling Pen Treatments.


   Features of the ZGTS Roller

  • Round needle shape –0.3mm

  • Titanium alloy medical grade stainless steel

  • 192 needles 

  • Half-integrated Roller Wheel 

  • Ergonomic plastic handle with anti-slip design

  • Protective cover for wheel 

  • Can be used on all areas of the face, neck, body & scalp

  • Each row has 8 needles of manually inserted needles

  • Each roller is composed of 24 blocks, with a total of 192 needles

  • Innovative design and almost space-less assembly

  • Design keeps the needles tightly in place

  • Hygienic standard preventing product leakage into the roller

  • Easy to sterilize

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