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What is Dermal Needling
What are the benefits?

How to use a derma roller


Step 1:   Disinfect your roller.

Step 2:   Wash your face

Step 4:   Begin derma rolling in 3 directions on each area

Step 5:   Apply your favorite Serum

Step 6:   Clean your derma roller and store away safely

Remember to always wear your Sunscreen.

We recommend you discuss the routine with a skincare professional to avoid unnecessary complications.

Do not share your roller with anyone.

Home Needling complements in-salon Needling Pen Treatments.

   Features of the ZGTS Roller

  • Round needle shape –0.3mm

  • Titanium alloy medical grade stainless steel

  • 192 needles 

  • Half-integrated Roller Wheel 

  • Ergonomic plastic handle with anti-slip design

  • Protective cover for wheel 

  • Can be used on all areas of the face, neck, body & scalp

  • Each row has 8 needles of manually inserted needles

  • Each roller is composed of 24 blocks, with a total of 192 needles

  • Innovative design and almost space-less assembly

  • Design keeps the needles tightly in place

  • Hygienic standard preventing product leakage into the roller

  • Easy to sterilize

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