Adieu Twenty20

With a grateful heart, we say Thank You, for your continued support & understanding during this past year. There have been some exhilarating highs and a couple of sad lows.

In line with our Culture Statement, we prefer to focus on the highs: All our Team & their families are well & Covid-free, we learnt how to do with much less, we learnt a whole new set of virtual meeting skills and during the full lockdown, managed to put together 2 Webinars a week for our stockists.

I have that crazy Elton John song going through my mind:

I'm still standing (yeah, yeah, yeah) I'm still standing (yeah, yeah, yeah)

We wish you and your families a very blessed Holiday Season, whatever it may mean to you, and look forward to seeing you again in the fresh new year that will be Twenty21.

All our best

Dawn, Justin, Lisa, Tracy & Danielle

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