Plasma Lesion Removal Training 2021

The 1st Quarter 2021 Training Calendar is loaded onto the CAD website, so we encourage you to see which modules you would like to do, and then set aside the time to join us.

Plasma |Spot Pen Training: 9:00 – 14:00

5 hrs Theory Training via Zoom & 1-0n-1 Practical Training via Video Call.

Voltaic Arc or Plasma is the electrical discharge which occurs in the insulating substance during electrical breakdown and this happens at a specific voltage and specific conditions in any insulators. Learn how to effectively remove moles, skin tags & other benign lesions.

The Trainer, Susanne Ableitinger lives in Gauteng & is a qualified Somatologist with ITEC & CIDESCO, practicing in Johannesburg. Her journey with Plasma started in 2017, when she trained with various companies both locally and in Germany. Suzanne trains qualified Skincare Professionals and Medical Doctors.

See the website for more information about the Plasma Lesion Removal Training

We supply the Plasma Spot Pen & consumables

Dawn 082 829 7417

Online Booking Code: RB-001

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